Factory price HANGZHOU PAPAYA Metal Color keyed shaft coupling for heavy duty industrial machinery

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Zhejiang, China
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Supply Ability:
60000 Piece/Pieces per Month

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Cartons or pallets
Shanghai or ningbo port

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Cardan Shaft/Drive shaft/ propeller shaft

1.Our technical requirements are as follows:

1. The shaft must do dynamic balance test after assembly, welding balance sheet on both ends of the transmission shaft, unbalance correction, balance sheet welding should be secure, not more than 3 pieces of each side, the residual unbalance should not be less than that stipulated in the GB9239 G40 balance quality level.

2. The weld quality is reliable, weld appearance should level off is smooth uninterrupted, must not have empty welding, welding defects, etc. Weld surface shape beautiful.

3. The drive shaft assembly, is with the hand, against both directions along the conical surface movement track of the formation of the universal joint Angle movement, universal joint work is smooth, can not have jam or obvious gap, as a universal joint Angle should be consistent with the design requirements.

4. The drive shaft assembly, the spider on the grease mouth and the grease on the sliding fork mouth should be on the same side.

5. At the ends of the drive shaft universal joint, shall, in accordance with the provisions of the phase plane, the deviation is not more than 5 degrees.

6. After sliding shaft and sliding fork assembly, should be able to work in the design requirements of the axial sliding length scale, can not have jam like now.

7. The shaft out of the factory before, the lubrication parts should be filling grease.

2. Cardan Shaft/ Drive shaft/ propeller shaft universal joint size as follows:

Part Number Part Number Part Number 11621109 5D3248 7H4545 1J843 5D8293 7H8101 1K2741 5H3756 7J5242 1K9467 5H445 7J5251 1K9467 5K2006 8D0537 1M8804 5K5012 8F7719 1S9670 5T8739 8H3853 2A858 681156 942737 2D2978 681157 943221 2H858 6F7160 943235 2K3231 6F9190 945581 2K7276 6G976 9H2477 2R801 6H1261 9H2478 2R960 6H1262 9H5108 3H2579 6H2570 9H6423 3H301 6H2579 9H9491 3H7364 6K855 9K3969 3K7276 6K886 9V7710 3L7363 6M9762 R2X1972 4H8641 6M9762 R7X7355 4R7972 7H3958 XX1894-7

3.Pictures :

4.Drawings as follows: