How to use gear coupling2020-06-15 21: 02

      Couplings are mainly used to connect the transmission shafts of various mechanisms. Due to different mechanical equipment, the functions of various couplings are slightly different. For example, on a forklift, the coupling is used to transmit the power between the transmission and the drive axle. For forklifts below 3t due to the short longitudinal dimension of the drive train, they generally adopt a rigid connection structure, that is, bolts are used to connect the engine-clutch-transmission-coupling shell-drive axle. The middle part of the whole adopts a gear coupling. For forklifts above 5t, universal joints are generally used due to the longer longitudinal dimension of the transmission system.The power is transmitted to the drive axle of the forklift through the coupling.
      The gear coupling consists of two coupling discs, which are connected by their inner and outer teeth.The coupling disc with internal and external teeth is connected with the transmission and the drive axle through splines or keys.