Have you heard of nylon rope coupling2020-06-15 21: 03

      The nylon rope coupling uses nylon rope as an elastic element to connect the two halves of the coupling and transmit power. In the axial nylon rope coupling, a number of short cylinders are installed on the outer surface of the flange of the two halves of the coupling. Then, the nylon rope is staggered back and forth around the cylindrical pin to form a closed ring. In order to prevent the nylon rope from slack or fall off due to centrifugal force during operation, anti-loose measures such as steel wire hooping should be adopted outside the pin.
      For simplicity, the nylon rope can also be directly threaded through the holes on the flanges of the two coupling halves. However, in order to prevent the sharp edge from affecting the bending strength of the nylon rope or the cutting effect, the edge of the hole should be made into a flared shape.