Precautions for installation of drum gear coupling2020-06-15 21: 04

Pay attention to the installation of drum gear coupling:
     If it is replaced by the original equipment, it should generally be the same as the original direction. If it is a newly designed and manufactured equipment, the more reliable the inner and outer tooth joint surface is, under the premise of not interfering with other surrounding parts. The principle of installation.Coupling manufacturer
The maintenance of drum gear couplings is generally carried out as follows:
1. Check the tooth surface meshing of the coupling. The contact area is not less than 50% along the tooth height and not less than 70% along the tooth width. There should be no serious pitting, abrasion and cracks on the tooth surface.
2. The full circle runout of the outer gear ring of the coupling is not more than 0.03mm, and the end circle runout is not more than 0.02mm.
3. If you need to remove the gear ring, use tools and don't knock it to avoid bending or damage to the shaft.When reinstalling, heat the ring gear to about 200°C before installing it on the shaft.The interference between the outer gear ring and the shaft is generally 0.01~0.03mm.
4. When reinstalling the intermediate tube or other parts, it should be assembled according to the original markings and data.
5. Tighten the bolts evenly with a torque wrench.