Ever-Power Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Ever-Power Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the southeast of Hebei Province, with Beijing-Tianjin to the north and Bohai to the east. National highways 104, 106, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed, and Beijing-Shanghai railway run through the entire territory. The transportation is extremely convenient.
    The company’s main products are: elastic pin couplings, drum gear couplings, diaphragm couplings, plum blossom couplings, star couplings, serpentine spring couplings, flange couplings, Nylon gear couplings, roller chain couplings, cross slider couplings, jacket couplings, and other coupling accessories.The company is an enterprise engaged in the research and production of mechanical transmission and mechanical seals.Our factory has many years of history in developing various types of couplings and has rich experience, which can meet the various needs of users.Since the establishment of the company, its products have been sold all over the country and have been deeply favored by new and old customers. Based on the principle of good faith, it has established long-term cooperative relations with many customers. Now our company is further strengthening the technical training of employees and improving the technical level. , The coupling products produced are affordable.
  The couplings produced by our company have more than 7 series and hundreds of specifications.Mainly elastic couplings, plum couplings, diaphragm couplings, and undertake the design and manufacture of various non-standard couplings, with short construction period (generally 15-XNUMX days for production), good quality and medium price , Some products are available from stock, and the company's products are widely used in metallurgy, chemicals, printing, water pumps, fans, transportation and other mechanical fields.
  Aiming at enterprises in different industries, our company can design and develop solutions suitable for the characteristics of the industry and system according to the actual needs of users. The company insists on transforming scientific research into productivity as its responsibility, being aggressive and innovative, and combining today's technology with our products In combination, we continue to introduce first-class services in line with humanity.With "simple, credibility, collaboration, innovation" as the company's spirit and belief, with rich technical experience and knowledge, we insist on providing customers with practical solutions and tangible after-sales services, and have established long-term close contacts with various industries. , Has been recognized by users in various industries and enjoys a good reputation.Adhering to the principles of people-oriented and technology-based, the company has established a complete customer service system.
  In the future, our factory will be market-oriented, driven by technological development, wholeheartedly cooperate with users, constantly update products, continuously improve product quality, continuously improve after-sales service, and sincerely return to the society.


company culture

  • company culture


    Innovation is the soul of corporate culture and the inexhaustible driving force for corporate development.Innovation requires not only the courage to break the status quo, but also the wisdom and ability to go beyond the status quo, so that the company can become a capable person facing the XNUMXst century.


    Quality is the blood of an enterprise and the foundation of reputation. Therefore, our company's pursuit of quality is meticulous, and the persistence of reputation is unstoppable.

    Be realistic

    Truth-seeking is the sublimation of enterprise development. The company needs a large number of talents who have the ability to do practical things to jointly create capital and natural, pragmatic and reasonable development.

    Corporate values: innovation and development, pursuit of progress.

    Entrepreneurship purpose: serving the country by industry, taking the revitalization of national industry as its own responsibility; building a brand with the goal of giving back to the society

    Overall goal: new products, good efficiency, great contribution, beautiful environment, and rich employees.

    Business philosophy: Win the market with integrity and open up the market with innovation.

    Market concept: The quality of products is the market of tomorrow, the reputation of the company is the invisible market, and the satisfaction of customers is our market.

    The concept of competition: the brave wins when the narrow road meets, the wise wins when the brave meets.

    Management philosophy: on-site management-standardization; quality management-standardization; cost management-marketization; marketing management-networked; integrated management-people-oriented

    Quality concept: qualified products are our responsibility, and good quality is our contribution;

    Without quality, there will be no sales market, and without integrity, there will be no market sales;

    Brand marketing, overall planning, mutual benefit and common development.