Jacket coupling

JQ clamp shell coupling

The radial and angular axis offset performance of the clamp housing coupling requires minimizing the working conditions of auxiliary working hours.It also squeezes the plum blossom elastic spacer and the shaft sleeves on both sides to achieve the connection of the two halves of the slider coupling.The vibration damping performance is better, and the structure...

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Clamping couplingThe performance of radial and angular axis offset requires minimizing auxiliary working conditions.It is also squeezed to make the plum elastic spacer and both sidesShaft sleeveAnastomosis to realize the connection of the two halves of the slider coupling.Good vibration reduction performance, simple structure, stable and reliable work, no noise, no lubrication, simple maintenance, convenient assembly and disassembly, good manufacturability, low cost, can be derived into a variety of structural forms, through the extrusion between the claw and the elastic ring Pressure transfers power through the elastic deformation of the elastic ringCompensate the relative offset of the two axes to achieve damping and buffering