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Enterprise spirit:
Relying on the power of technology as the fundamental
To continuously improve the service to customers, to serve you well

Staff spirit:
Efforts to develop and develop oneself
Kind and pious, don’t evade the problem, don’t shy away
Adhere to cooperation and stability as the foundation, improve the deficiencies, and strive for innovation.
You find the problem and don’t try to solve it, which makes the company go into decline

Manager spirit:
Managers should be accountable to customers, shareholders and employees
An employee’s mistake is the manager’s problem
Management is not only to manage, but also to manage
Do one big thing well = do a lot of small things × management and coordination ability

our perspective:
Serving the society, workers are glorious
Customer is our God
Damage to the interests of the company is to damage the interests of every employee, so every employee should fight against this behavior
A person's value = his own value (positive) + the value he brings to others in the team (positive or negative) The difference is big
Professional production: coupling

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